Synthesis and Decomposition

hexagaon header gas seperation

Modular systems for the production of synthetic methane, syngas or hydrogen.

The hydrogen produced by using plasmalysis can be converted into synthetic methane (CH4) in the process of water purification with high organic carbon compounds (COD) or by adding carbon dioxide (CO2) with an efficiency of more than 90 percent. According to the respective applications, we customize methanation modules in the range of 10m3/h to 1000m3/h.

hexagaon header gas seperation

Due to the high efficiency, a CO2-methane cycle can be operated in the future. The cycle enables a sustainable use of resources. This reduces costs and minimizes CO2 pollution of the atmosphere.

By using plasmalysis, syngas can also be generated from biogas in a ratio of 1 to 13 (1kg H2 and 13 kg CO) and be further processed as a precursor to kerosene, for example

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