Hydrogen – the key to a CO2-neutral economy

Hydrogen holds enormous energy potential and is not only found in water. It is a component of many organic and inorganic compounds in industrial wastewater, slurry, plastics and gases. Synreform offers plasma electrolyzers known as Plasmalyzers® that produce hydrogen from high-energy chemical compounds in ammonia or residual materials – with significantly lower manufacturing costs and higher yields.

Hydrogen is more tightly bound in water than in other chemical compounds. For this reason, the Plasmalyzers® require much less energy than previous electrolysis processes. Costs drop from an average of 6 to 8 euros to only 1.5 to 3 euros per kg of hydrogen.

The marketable, modular systems enable the production of CO2-free and CO2-negative hydrogen, thus making a significant contribution to the decarbonization of the economy.

Synreform’s technology closes important cycles of materials, enabling key industries to achieve greater sustainability and climate protection – while being economical at the same time.