Water management

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With its systems, Synreform offers an important key to CO2-free or even CO2-negative energy generation in wastewater treatment plants from process waters from wastewater treatment plants and digesters, and thus to achieving climate targets.

Wastewater from treatment plants, biogas plants or industrial plants contains a high share of valuable nitrogen and carbon compounds. This nitrogen and carbon load has to be converted, i.e. purified, at great expense.

Solar or wind energy is used to generate a high-frequency voltage field above the wastewater in the protective wastewater Plasmalyzer®. This splits the carbon and nitrogen compounds contained in the water (such as urea, amino acids, nitrates and ammonium) into individual C, N, H and O atoms. These then recombine to produce green hydrogen, methane or even nitrogen. Purified water remains as production “waste.”

Synreform membrane technology separates the gases and stores them in gas containers. The hydrogen can then be transported and used directly in the wastewater treatment plant in hydrogen CHP units for CO2-free electricity and heat generation.

What remains is purified water, which is returned to the water cycle, and nitrogen, which can be used as an industrial gas.

Operators of wastewater treatment or biogas plants thus benefit in two ways.

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