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Synreform offers the chemical as well as other industries the key to achieving climate goals. This is because the plasma electrolyser process generate CO2-free or CO2-negative hydrogen, synthetic industrial gases from a wide variety of feedstocks. This turns climate protection into a business model.

Synreform is the technology leader in sustainable hydrogen plants because its unique plasmalysis process is not material-specific.


Energy recovery from process water

Industrial processes generate various types of waste products. These usually must be processed or collected and disposed of at great expense. With the help of wastewater plasmalysis a high share of the nitrogen and carbon compounds it contains can be converted into valuable industrial gases such as hydrogen, nitrogen, methane and oxygen.

The hydrogen can be used directly for CO2-free heat and power generation in hydrogen CHP units or SOFC fuel cells.

Would you like to learn more about the many possible applications of plasmalysis in industry? We would be happy to advise you on individual adaptations.

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